Pollution Control Officer (PCO)
July 2, 2015
July 2, 2015

Purchasing Clerk


Position Requirements:

  • Female
  • College Level or graduate of any 4-year business related courses
  • Experience in Purchasing function in an advantage
  • Must be computer literate especially in Microsoft Office and must have average typing skills
  • Ability to understand and comprehend simple instruction
  • Can work well under pressure and with less supervision
  • With good supervisory, communication and interpersonal skills
  • Honest, self-motivated, hardworking, resource and dependable


  • Under the guidance of the Sales and Marketing Manager:
  • Does cost-effective procurement of materials and supplies requirements.
  • Responsible for the office warehousing activities.
  • Evaluates the quality management system and propose continual improvement both on services and product quality.
  • Upholds maintenance and improvement of QMS.
  • Receives requisition slips complete with the following information:
    • Quality
    • Specific description of requested item
    • Purpose
    • Inventory on hand
    • Duly signed by requestor
    • Noted by the concerned supervisor
    • Approved by the GM/OIC/VP-Finance
  • Canvasses the requested materials and supplies from at least two (2) suppliers
  • Issues purchase orders for the procurement of the requested materials & supplies
  • Facilitates the order for the procurements of the requested materials and supplies.
  • Coordinates with the Warehouseman for the receiving of the purchased materials and supplies and ensures that the items are in conformance with the data specified in the purchased order as acknowledged by the concerned requisition/end user.
  • Ensures that all purchasing received are inspected and written/logged in the receiving report.
  • Forward the supporting documents to Finance Manager for processing of payment.
  • Encoding, filing and safekeeping of important documents such as ECR, DR, sales invoice and receipts.
  • Responsible for processing and encoding BIR expenses
  • Performs other duties as required by the superior