Manufactured Products

Manufactured Products

1. Medical - Grade Oxygen ( MO2 )

* Specification of Medical - Grade Oxygen as per PNS 103:2003
Application: support breathing/respiration

2. Industrial Oxygen ( IO2 ) – palletized and loose

* Specification as per Company and Customer requirements
Application: Oxygen-acetylene welding and cutting

3. High Purity Oxygen ( HP O2 )

* Specification as per Company and Customer requirements
Application: Laser cutter

4. Nitrogen ( N2 ) Gas in Cylinders

  • 4.1 UHP palletized (vertical)
  • 4.2 UHP loose cylinders
  • 4.3 HP Palletized cylinders (horizontal)
  • 4.4 HP loose N2 cylinders

i. for purging to displace Oxygen in the process
ii. heat treating furnaces and autoclaves
iii. to help create incredibly strong but lightweight materials.
iv. an assist gas for laser cutting applications.

5. Nitrogen ( N2 ) gas delivered through pipeline

Application: carrier gas for overall protection against impurities and oxidation in semiconductor and soldering processes

6. Aviation Industry Grade Nitrogen Gas Cylinders ( N2 )

Application: Tire filling (increases lifetime of rubber tires)

7. Liquid Nitrogen ( LN2 )


i. Used to chill, freeze or store food products
ii. In semi-con industries, used to remove heat from the manufacturing process

8. Hydrogen Gas ( H2 )

8.1 UHP Palletized Hydrogen Gas

Application: carrier gas in semiconductor processes and as a scavenger gas in atmosphere soldering as well as for annealing copper films

8.2 Industrial Loose Hydrogen Gas

Application: balloon inflation

9. Compressed Air ( CA )

Application: supports breathing (esp. to infants in incubators)