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Industrial Engineer (IE)
July 2, 2015
Maintenance Worker
July 2, 2015

Maintenance Planner


Position Requirements:

  • At least a graduate of a 4-year course specializing in technical courses such as automotive, electrical or mechanical
  • With good scholastic records
  • Is a visionary and has strategic planning/supervisory skills
  • Can work well under pressure
  • With good communication and interpersonal relations skills


Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Evaluates the maintenance staffs work output, and recommends procedure or tools to make work more efficient.
  • Makes or revises work instructions and forms to be more effective, efficient and accurate for pallet and cylinder maintenance.
  • Updates the cylinder and pallet and vehicle maintenance record and have a monthly summary to be presented in monthly meeting.
  • Updates summary of non-conformance and corrective action reports on vehicles, and product packaging (pallet & cylinder) that are intendedfor TPM Department.
  • Receives non-conformance reports on vehicles, cylinders and pallet issued to QCD and present to TPM/MFG Manager to discuss for corrective action.
  • Receives repair request on vehicles, cylinders & pallets and informs TPM/MFG Manager to discuss the work to be done and the schedule for the said request.
  • Updates the calendar of work schedule based on the non-conformance reports and the repair request generated.
  • Prepares Work Permits for the scheduledmaintenance to be implemented and have it signed by TPM/MFG Manager.
  • Informs the maintenance staff assigned to implement the works.
  • Ensures that the maintenance conducted are properly and completely documented immediately after the work is done or within 24 hrs.
  • Compiles the maintenance records to its respective binder and updates the vehicle maintenance summary record.
  • Formulate training materials to enhance technical knowledge and develop confidence of all maintenance staff.
  • Evaluates the quality management system and propose continual improvement both on services and product qualityand upholds its maintenance and improvement.
  • Conducts studies aimed in improving /enhancing systems, processes and procedures in plant, sales, marketing andother operational functions.
  • Makes daily accomplishment report and prepares monthly reports.
  • Performs other related duties and responsibilities that may be assigned by the superior from time to time.
  • Responsible in Planning, implementation and monitoring of loose cylinders and palletized cylinders maintenance.
  • Assigns works to maintenance staff, monitor and records their work output.